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Modify your Xbox and connect with your PC!
Modify your Xbox and be able to access the hard disk with your computer!

May 1, 2003
X-Killer Mod Chip

The X-killer V3 is the follow up to the famous X-Killer V1.3 chip which was released last year. Now new and improved and with support for all current XBox models (even the newest units with the SHARP bios). Totally flash upgradeable once installed by creating a CDR with the new bios you wish to flash on the chip, and following the on screen instructions. This will enable you to always have the newest code for the chips read more..

Xbox360 HDD disk
Upgrade your X360 with a 40 60 or 200GB hard disk drive!
Xbox360 Faceplates
Customize 360 with new faceplates and skin mods

Playstation 3 HDD USB Hard Drivr full with Top Game backups and PS3 Break USB mod chip for Downgrading and installing the Backup Manager on your console.




Connect a PC DVD-drive to XBOX


It's possible to connect a normal PC DVD-drive to your X Box. This is very usefull if your XBOX has a bad or damaged laser. A PC computer DVD-drive will not only give better results for DVD-r/rw and more importantly for copied CD-r/rw. PC DVD drive on XBOX will play pretty much all brands and load times will be shorter then when using the official Xbox DVD-drive.

What you need is:

  • A pc DVD-drive
  • A normal PC powersplitter (4 Pin Power Connector for 5.25 Drive , like used in normal PCs)
  • An original xbox game (depends on dvddrive)
  • A modded xbox console (you will need a mod-chip)

The Installation

  1. Put your PC DVD-drive in slave-mode.
  2. Open the top of your xbox.
  3. Leave the Xbox DVD-drive in its slot.
    (you can NOT just replace the drive , in order to make this work you will need both drives).
  4. Put the PC DVD-drive on top of the Xbox DVD-drive.
  5. Disconnect the IDE cable on the Xbox DVD-drive and connect it to the PC DVD-drive.
  6. Leave the 8wire yellow cable on the Xbox DVD-drive.
  7. Disconnect the Xbox HDD Powercable and connect the power-splitter on it. Now connect one end of the splitter back to the Xbox HDD and the other end to the PC DVD-drive.

Your XBOX is now ready to read CD-RW/R and DVD-R/RW from the PC DVD-drive.

Now How do you boot games with this configuration:

The are 2 method to boot games with a pc-dvddrive. I can't say which one will work with your drive , so just try them both.

Insert nothing in the xbox-drive.
Open the PC drive and insert disc.
Close the PC drive.
Reset Xbox. (reset button or "reboot xbox" in EvoX).
Game should launch , if not , try METHOD2.

Eject the xbox drive (<-- Xbox drive!!)
Insert the CD-r/rw or DVD-r/rw disc in the PC drive (<-- PC drive !!)
Close the xbox drive with an original xbox game inside. (<-- Xbox drive!!)

For DVD movies you can do exactly the same.

1/ You can NOT play original discs this way , you will have to reconnect the IDE-cable to the Xbox DVD-drive if you want to play an original games.
2/ You will have to keep your xbox open. Make sure you protect it from dust.
3/ It's unsure if this tricks works with ALL PC DVD-drives. It has been successfully tested with LG8160B , Pioneer DVD- 105SZ , PIONEER DVD-106S , lite on 16x & SD-M1612 tosiba.

Some reasons why MOD-Chip XBOX!

After adding a Modification chips (mod-chips) to Your XBox you will be able to run 3rd party software like:

The XboxMediaPlayer
Multi Region Games on Xbox
Play DVD Movies from ALL regiouns!

May 1, 2003
X-Killer Features

  • One chip for ALL current existing XBox. Works on Versions including the newest XBox systems with the SHARP bios.
  • Optional on/off switch can be added to turn the chip on and off for XBox Live! Support.
  • Plays Original Imports
  • Plays all Homebrew software
  • Plays All Backups of Originals and Imports
  • Can boot between original and modchip bios (with optional on/off switch)
  • Plays unsigned code - Run Debug Executables
    No-patch hack 1 and 2
  • Plays Original and Backup DVD Movies
  • Eject trick hack
  • DVD Reset
  • In Game Reset (IGR)
  • EvoX hard disk patch, install a bigger hard disk (not bigger than 137 GB).
  • Auto detect EvoX Dashboard
  • Flash Upgradeable


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